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  Ming Tsao Worklist (pdf)

CD Recordings

Ming Tsao: Plus or Minus
Neos Music, forthcoming in 2022

1.–7. Plus or Minus
8.–22. Dritte Stimme zu Bachs Zweistimmiger Inventions

Ming Tsao: Das wassergewordene Kanonbuch
Kairos Music, forthcoming in 2022

1.–20. Das wassergewordene Kanonbuch
21. Refuse Collection
22. Triode Variations

Ming Tsao: Plus Minus
Kairos Music, 2017

1.–7. Plus Minus
8.–19. Mirandas Atemwende
Plus Minus CD Booklet

Ming Tsao: Die Geisterinsel
Kairos Music, 2014

1.–13. Die Geisterinsel
14. Serenade
15. If ears were all that were needed…
Die Geisterinsel CD Booklet

Ming Tsao: Chamber Works
Mode Records, 2014

1. Pathology of Syntax
2. (Un)cover
3. The Book of Virtual Transcriptions
4. Not Reconciled
5. One-Way Street
6. Canon
Pathology of Syntax CD Booklet

Plus Minus, Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik
Dokumentation CD 2013

Canon, CD Sound Check One: Music from UC San Diego