Dritte Stimme zu Bachs zweistimmigen Rätselkanons

Title: Dritte Stimme zu Bachs zweistimmigen Rätselkanons
Instrumentation: For any keyboard instrument
Year: 2023
Duration: 15 min.
Performer: Duo Clavichord

Bach Fuga Canonica

J.S. Bach, Fuga Canonica in Epidiapente from Musikalisches Opfer, 1747

binary code and virus

computer virus

Bach Quaerendo Invenietis

J.S. Bach, Quaerendo invenietis from Musikalisches Opfer, 1747

The added third voice to J.S. Bach’s “puzzle” canons from A Musical Offering, appears to behave in a manner consistent with the rules of Bach’s counterpoint. Yet the presence of jarring cross-relations and passing consecutive dissonances destabilizes the harmonic hierarchy of Bach’s canons that support the symmetry of the puzzle canon structure. As a result, the added third voice acts as a virus that imitates the contrapuntal actions around it while infecting their capacity for harmonic stability. Such an infection of Bach’s canons allows for a more materialist listening that is not manipulated through harmonic progressions but focussed rather on its contrapuntal relations.