Erased Feldman

Titel: Erased Feldman
Instrumentation: Ensemble
Year: 2026
Duration: 70 min.


Erased De Kooning (Robert Rauschenberg, 1953)

Feldman For John Cage

For John Cage (Morton Feldman, 1982)

In 1953, artist Robert Rauschenberg purchased a Willem De Kooning drawing and began to erase its drawn gestures. Yet the force of De Kooning’s mark making remains apparent as an under drawing on the paper. Parallel to this idea, my Erased Feldman relies on a continuous process of creation and erasure, or the adding of new layers while retaining traces of what has gone on before. I begin with Feldman’s duet For John Cage and through my techniques of layering and erasure at transcribing this duet for a larger ensemble of nine musicians, arrive at what might be considered the essence of sound where something new is created entirely through repetition and superimposition over a 70-minute duration.